6 Tips for Using Facebook Live for Your Business


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To really engage with your customers, look no further than live streaming. It combines the appeal of videos with the buzz of live transmissions. The result is something that users won’t be able to resist. Live streaming technology has already been around for a few years, but Facebook entered the game just last August. This means that now is a perfect time to get your business involved in live streaming. In theory, all you need to start streaming is a smartphone and the Facebook app. But if you’d like a little more guidance, then here’s 6 tips for using Facebook Live for your business.

Publicise the event

Inform people about your broadcast date. This way, you raise awareness about your broadcast, and you maximise your number of viewers. Publicity ideas include a tweet from your company’s Twitter profile, or an announcement on your Facebook Business Page.

Choose an interesting topic

Success when using Facebook Live for your business depends on your broadcast’s content. But what kind of topics can you broadcast about? Well, Disney livestreams interviews from the red carpet of their film premieres, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art livestreams museum tours, art openings, and art exhibitions. But if you’re lacking historical artefacts and Hollywood megastars, then you better get creative.

Use a fast internet connection

No matter how much effort you put into your video’s content, no-one will be able to watch it if your video stutters and breaks down, which unfortunately is a common problem with live streaming. So ensure you have a strong internet connection. The more bandwidth, the better the quality of your video

Describe your broadcast accurately

Write an accurate description for your broadcast. This will ensure that users understand what your broadcast is about, and help them decide if it interests them enough to watch it.

Engage with viewers

A unique aspect of livestreaming is that viewers can chat to you during your recording. Try to respond to your viewers’ questions and comments. This will increase viewers’ level of engagement.

Employ filmmaking techniques

The quality of your video will reflect the professionalism of your company, so it’s worth ensuring that your video looks good. For example, make sure that the people in your video are well-lit, and choose an interesting backdrop.

In all, Facebook Live is a great marketing tool for businesses, partly because few businesses are using it yet. This means your business will really stand out from the crowd.

If you’re considering using Facebook Live for your business, then why not consider help from our social marketing experts? Contact us to find out more.


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