7 Instagram Marketing Tips for your Business


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Instagram is a great way to engage customers. It’s essentially a free visual advertising channel where you can target your specific audience. However, not everyone knows how to make the most of this technology. So to help you out, we’ll explain a few Instagram marketing strategies to maximise your efforts.

Use hashtags

Out of all the Instagram marketing tactics, the most important is to use hashtags. They are vital because they make your photos and videos easier to find. So if you see a trending hashtag that is related your company, don’t be afraid to tag your photos with it. Your only limit is Instagram’s built-in cap of thirty hashtags per post.

Insert a link to your website in your profile bio

Psst… here’s a little secret. Instagram doesn’t allow links within posts, but it does allow links in profile bios. To turn this to your advantage, simply include your web address in your profile bio. Now when people go to your profile page, they’ll see a link to your website. You’re essentially converting your Instagram photos into website traffic!

Increase your number of followers

Once you start uploading photos, the next step is to build up your follower base. This is because the more followers you have, the more people will see your uploads. The best way to increase your number of followers is to engage with users. You can do this by following them and liking and commenting on their photos.

Increase the number of people you follow

Instagram marketing is a two-way relationship. This means you shouldn’t just spend all you time uploading photos: you’ll get a greater ROI if you spend some time following other users as well. If you’re a business, then the best people to follow are your potential clients. You can find them by searching for their email address or phone number in Instagram.

Create a brand hashtag

A brand hashtag is simply a hashtag that is unique to your company. For example, if your company is called Bob’s Terrific Tyres, then your brand hashtag could be #bobsterrifictyres. There is no formal process to obtaining a brand hashtag – just find one you like and start using it. But ensure no-one else is using the same hashtag, or else there will be overlap between their company and yours.

Once you’ve decided on a brand hashtag, then you should tag all your future uploads with it. Also, promote your brand hashtag by adding it to your website and publicity material. You can also encourage your customers to tag their own photos of your products with your hashtag.

Integrate Instagram with your website

Why not add a live Instagram feed to your website? You can configure it to automatically show pictures tagged with your brand hashtag. This is an easy way to add interactivity to your site and make clients feel more engaged.

Use Instagram’s filters and editing options

Instagram is entirely image-based, unlike Facebook and Twitter. This means that photos on Instagram are everything. Thankfully, Instagram provides some basic photo-editing tools that can spruce up your photos. These tools let you crop out irrelevant parts of your photos, and add filters to make the photo more interesting.

The great thing about Instagram is that all you need to get started is your phone and an email account. But if you want more help, why not let our team lend a hand? Contact us to learn how we can wield Instagram to increase your business revenue.


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