Photography, Web Design

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Photography, Web Design

We were approached by a furniture supplier in Birmingham to help them launch their online shop. Rather than use the existing stock photos from manufacturers that all the competitors seem to use, we decided to construct our own product photography studio in their warehouse.


Teaming up with a local carpenter we were able to create a small but effective studio to get the photos we need for all the products available in store. This makes the process incredibly easy for our team when new products need to be introduced at regular intervals, allowing us to maintain consistency within our work. is set to launch in 2018 with the opening of its very own store, until then it is trading it’s successful furniture line on online marketplaces. The responsive website features a clean, minimal e-commerce store which focuses on the products themselves.

The main reason we love this project is because it was a completely new business type for us to work with. There’s a lot of hidden beauty in great product design,¬†which is simply enjoyable to capture and show off to the world.

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